The Space You Need to Work Well

At ClarityVP, our main purpose is helping you enrich your professional life by supporting you and your team to perform at your best. We are always looking for new ways to assist our clients and, at times like these, we are working harder than ever.

That’s why we’ve developed a new service, Home Office Design by ClarityVP. It provides our clients with both the psychological and physical support they need to adapt to new work practices. 

Through one-to-one coaching and the creation of a tailored, holistic home office environment, we join the dots between letting go of the old ways of working and embracing the new.

Our Home Office Design service gives you the space you need – in your head and in your home – to perform at your best.

Giving you the space you need — in your head and in your home — to perform at your best

A New Normal — Reframing Our Working Lives

Working from home can be challenging, even for those who’ve done it for years. For most of us who have been thrown into it unexpectedly, the balancing act between work and home is one we have yet to get to grips with. Being able to switch from professional mode to leisure mode, without the physical transition from office to house, is not easy.

To make matters worse, most of our homes are not equipped with dedicated workspaces. Some of us are lucky to have a spare room to relocate to, but many of us are having to make do with a corner of the living room or even the kitchen table.

Likewise, current events have caused us to stop and take stock of our situations, and we’ve been able to view life through a broader lens. A lot of us have started questioning our approach to work and the ingrained habits that have become part of the way we operate.

The importance of a distinct, purpose-designed workspace and a clear perspective on our new working environment cannot be underestimated.

With Home Office Design by ClarityVP, we help you to adapt to your new routine and give you the tools you need to re-establish yourself. Then we create a physical space that allows you to thrive.

Creating a physical space where you can thrive

Our Service — Getting the Balance Right

To get the balance right, change has to happen. Our new service guides you through this transition by focusing on the two areas where this balance can be struck:

  • The leader
  • The home office space

The Leader

First, we look at you, the leader. In a series of mentoring sessions, we take you through a step-by-step process to examine and plan what you need to put in place to lead yourself and your team in the coming months. We deal with the experience of change – helping you to recognise the shifts that are happening personally and professionally. We then build from these to create strategies for adapting and coping, and for capitalising on the opportunities that change can bring.
Our three-step approach includes: 

  1. Recognising Change – assessment, resistance and strategy development
  2. Managing Change – coping, embracing and implementation tactics
  3. Reinforcing Change – realising change, measuring effectiveness and recognition

The Home Office Space

We then complement our mentoring sessions with a bespoke home office design that supports your personal goals and professional ambition. Our main objective is not just to create a home office, but to establish a beautiful working space within your home. What makes our designs so special is that, once the working day is complete, your workspace can be re-absorbed back into the surroundings of your cherished home. 

The process typically includes:

  1. One-to-one consultation to determine your specific requirements and the priorities for your physical space
  2. Translation of your needs into a detailed brief for our team of interior designers, building surveyors and craftspeople
  3. Creation and installation of a tailor-made home workspace that enhances your work environment while respecting the atmosphere and comfort of your home 

We create a home office space which allows you to adapt, re-establish yourself and thrive in the new normal

Offering a range of options to suit your needs

A Range of Premium Chairs

Chosen for ergonomics and support

The Best Desks for Your Space

Off-the-shelf, designer or custom-built


To complement and enhance your space

Design Options

Premium Select

Choose from a range of premium preselected office layouts and accessories

Premium Bespoke

More design specifications

Merging Theory with Practice

Our team offers a unique skill set. We combine expertise in designing beautiful, functional spaces with an understanding of the psychology behind your professional motivations and personal needs. 

We have listened to the concerns, fears, hopes and challenges of our corporate and SME clients and have created our Home Office Design service in response to these. By introducing clarity to your home working environment and your working approach, we can support your ambitions for growth and enhance your ability to lead.